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Leadership development solutions for select small organizations within Harris County, Texas

Kintegrity Development Services LLC is the preferred provider of leadership development solutions for select small organizations within Harris County, Texas. We offer customized, low cost leadership development training workshops and programs to community based small businesses, non-profit organizations, and Christian churches. Leadership coaching for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders provides an opportunity to work with experienced corporate leaders and coaches.

Our employees and the leaders developed by Kintegrity Development Services LLC are people driven by purpose, inspired by passion, fueled by courage, and sustained by character. We influence everybody we touch. We focus wholeheartedly on building relationships grounded in trust. Together, our lives make a difference and leave a positive leadership legacy in our community.

Our Story

Katherine D. Lee

Katherine D. Lee established Kintegrity Development Services LLC in 2017 following a 27 year career with The Dow Chemical Company and Union Carbide Corporation. She is a servant leader who seeks to develop tomorrow’s servant leaders found in non-profits, churches, and small businesses. She lives with passion and with purpose and always explores how she can help others do the same.

Kathy is certified by the International Coach Federation as a coach and by MentorCoach LLC as an executive coach. She is an accomplished facilitator who led and implemented key leadership development workshops for The Dow Chemical Company. Her coaching clients included executive level leaders as well as emerging leaders.

She is known as an accomplished public speaker. Her audiences find her to be an inspiring, energetic, and passionate speaker who can make each audience member feel as if she is speaking directly to them individually. Kathy developed and facilitated customized workshops for Dow audiences, including a global training program to improve financial skills across all levels of the company. Additionally, she also served as quality leader for the company managing products for nine different businesses globally.

Kathy lives with her husband of 32 years in Spring, Texas. They have three grown children. Steve and Kathy enjoy traveling, visiting with friends, and volunteering at local non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and Shield Bearer. Kathy is a lifelong learner who loves creating with her hands through cooking, weaving, quilting, sewing, needle-working, and gardening.


Organizational and Staff Development

Searching for customized solutions for your non-profit to build leadership strength and solid strategic plans for your future? We want to apply our experience in facilitating strategic planning workshops and leadership development experiences to meet your needs.

Group and Private Coaching

We specialize in coaching emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders. Our coaching centers on developing the character needed to deliver great servant leadership to your organization. Group coaching offers affordability while private coaching allows deeper growth opportunities.

Public Speaking and Large Group Facilitation

Are you holding an off site meeting and find you want somebody to facilitate the meeting? Provide a keynote address on leadership? We want to work with you to help plan and implement a successful meeting for your organization. We also will help you feel confident in your own presentations, as well.


What People are Saying

Very engaging and thoughtful

I had the great pleasure of working with Kathy Lee as a coaching participant during our time working together at DOW. I found Kathy’s coaching style to be very engaging and thoughtful. Kathy is a great listener. Based on Kathy’s questioning and coaching expertise, I identified several areas for further expanding my role at Celemi and also identifying activities that were counterproductive to my overall goals and success objectives at Celemi. Kathy never projected her ideas on any of the situations we discussed but instead utilized thoughtful questioning and “what if” type ideas to encourage me to look at situations in a new light. I highly recommend Kathy as a coach with great intentions and insights.

Tracy McEachern

Tracy McEachern – VP of Sales Celemi

A strategic planning process

Recommending​ K​athy Lee​ as a consultant. She led​ S​ hield Bearer Counseling Centers​ through a strategic planning process with a large voice of the consumer component. The multi month process included input from clients, staff, donors, volunteers, and key stake holders like Chamber presidents, Pastors, and other community based organizations and ministries. What a gift. Thanks so much for using your skills to help us create an exciting and challenging future!

Roy Wooten –
Executive Director, Shield Bearer Counseling Centers

Open, direct and curious style

Kathy has an open, direct and curious style. While she mirrored my energy and language without judgment, she also challenged me to step into new perspectives and approaches. Her commitment to ensuring clarity resulted in productive and action-oriented sessions. Through my coaching partnership with Kathy I was able to address old assumptions and accomplish key goals. If you are looking for a transformational coaching experience I would highly recommend Kathy.
-Toral Livingston-Jha

Katherine is open, honest and present

Katherine is open, honest, present and with the perfect amount of enquiry for the benefit of the client and the coaching relationship. Katherine coached ‘in the moment’ together with her powerful questioning and enquiry style she helped me consider what was possible with the tasks/situations at hand. Katherine’s intuition is invaluable. The importance of listening to what has and hasn’t been said and paraphrasing to get clarity to move the coaching forward for the benefit of the client. I was able to get from a place where I had been for some time to the place I wanted to be while working with Katherine. Katherine was a key part of my willingness to take action toward my goals. I really looked forward to our coaching sessions because I always walked away with clarity to move to the next step. I would highly recommend Katherine!

Melissa Lowe

Hours of Operation

8:00am – 3:00pm


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I am currently accepting new clients. If you or your company need strategic development planning facilitation, leadership development workshops, personnel development, or coaching (group or individually), please send me your contact information and a brief message and I will contact you to learn more.